What awaits my 2016

It’s the second day of the year and this is the first post I’ve done since way back. I’ve not been blogging anything at all.

Just like last 2015 that I’ve made things go as it is. My blog was just the way I left it.

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I’ve been engaged to few things that used up my time but I never got to do the things I’ve wished to accomplish last year. There were many ‘wishes’ I only wished so far in my head yet I never got to think far ahead how I’m supposed to do about them. Before the year unfolded, my wishes popped in my head just like a flashback and I wished that I could make one wish real.

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What is on your mind?

What kind of thoughts do we have on a daily basis?

Upcoming typhoon updates, News about the ISIS, Ariana Grande’s upcoming singles, news about Taylor Swift, Adam Levine’s Instagram post, what to wear at a particular event, how do I talk to this person, what movie can I watch this week, how many carbs have I eaten at this time, when can I start exercising again, when will I be able to go to New York and travel, what kind of makeup do I buy, how is my friend overseas doing, what can I do to improve myself, I want to eat donuts,

Several thoughts like this come and go.  This usually fills our dull time- a time where our focus is not our work nor something we do for a living.

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Money, we need it

We see in TV shows the common theme of rich people living miserable lives. Obviously, the rich have mainly focused on acquiring wealth. But sadly they have problems with their family and relationships as lack of time in those areas of life.

By seeing these shows with this concept about the rich is one of the (many other reasons) why most people conclude that focusing on acquiring wealth can lead to problems as stated above.

But fact is, everybody has their fair share of problems.

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Just do it

I planned to have many blog posts published last year but that didn’t happen.


I just thought since I wanted to have those things done that it would really have…

things such as

  • my mind will be able to have vast ideas for blog posts
  • awesome blog posts will be done
  • more viewers for my blog
  • more blog posts
  • others topics


…..but those didn’t happen because

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Our basic needs

Credits to owner
Credits to owner

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

According to Maslow’s theory, one must satisfy lower level basic needs before progressing on to meet higher level growth needs.  Once these needs have been reasonably satisfied, one may be able to reach the highest level called self actualization. Every person is capable and has the desire to move up the hierarchy toward a level of self-actualization.

Truly the things that really make us happy are non-material things such as love, peace, respect and the like. There is no debate about the issue that we will achieve the greatest happiness in….

doing our favorite sport or hobby or our passion like singing, dancing, etc., being with people we care about and love of our life, travelling around the world with them and the like.

But people need to fulfill physiological needs and safety needs in order to give their time to the last three higher needs (which are non-material.)

Ideally, people should smoothly have the two levels fulfilled and go on living getting the last three levels because those levels take up the most time, effort and struggle.

But unfortunately people get stuck or go back and forth to the physiological and safety needs because of financial reasons.

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Who moved my cheese: A great book!!

I read this book a long time ago already but I want to recommend it because it is such a great ‘life’ book as I would like to call it.

I never heard of this book until a world-renowned guru (inspiration) recommended it for reading and learning in his talk. I fancy the self-help genre in reading books and to my delight, this book is part of the genre.

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Just be prepared

On a weekday morning, I woke up earlier because unexpectedly I had to be there for a school event of my cousin. Everything was cool until I knew I forgot my phone. I really thought that I could last the day without my phone.

I left my phone several times before but now my phone has been like part of my body. My calendar with my to do lists & my note app with my notes, my camera, my instagram, my foursquare, my music (and basically everything to keep me going) which are all in my phone were part of my daily routine.

I totally felt zoned out. Seriously.

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